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  1. It is suitable for central heating and solar panel installations at family, small and large projects.
  2. It protects the systems of overheating by preventing damages of their pipes, radiators, etc.
  3. It is made in two capacities - 150W or 250W.
  4. Efficiency: 90%.
  5. Due to the typical for the batteries discharging process the device operates as an automatic battery charger when the system is connected to the main power supply.
  6. Provides a power supply to the circulation pump with a capacity of 60W from 10 up to 12 hours if the accumulating battery is with capacity of 55 - 60Ah.






Suitable for heating and solar family, small and medium sized businesses.
Protects the system from overheating by preventing accidents pipes, radiators and more.
Made with an output power of 150 W or 250W.
Yield 90%.
Automatically charges the battery when the power is supplied from the grid.
Provide enough energy to draw power from 60 W, for 10 to 12 hours if the battery is 55 - 60 Ah.


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